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" M.O.M.I.E's is an exceptional organization with dynamic and committed staff playing a leading role in the development of at-risk youth. M.O.M.I.E’s offers complimentary and supplementary curriculum that embodies life skills, cultural context, and human rights education, all of which are often underrepresented in the traditional mainstream curriculum of low-income schools. It is a family and community oriented organization that I will continue to support."

Sharunda Owens, Former IPVS Intern



After School Program

Children lead group meditation sessions in the After School Program as a way to build community, develop leadership, and learn creative strategies to resolve conflicts. Below is one small piece of what the children review every day during Meditation Time.


" Energy is Power and all Power has a Source, and this Power comes within ME."

Meditation at M.O.M.I.E's TLC

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M.O.M.I.E's Innovative Learning Cis-Tem: The After School Program


The After School Program – based at sites in Wards 1 and 4 - provides 25 to 30 low-income children, most of whom are African American, with comprehensive learning plans to support their overall development.  We provide a structured and intimate environment where children enhance fundamental skills in the areas of cognitive, emotional, social and motor skills development.  Children participate in creative activities that build leadership, teach conflict resolution skills, and heighten cultural awareness and history.  The Great Persons Series is designed to instill in children the inspiration to develop their interests, dreams and life goals, by learning about great minority leaders and their accomplishments. Currently, M.O.M.I.E's is only operating the After School Program at our Ward 4 space based in Brightwood Park United Methodist Church.  


Core Program Areas

The Great Persons Series
Children learn about great, progressive leaders - like Nelson Mandela, Irena Sendler, and Angela Davis - throughout the year. Staff and volunteers use the Great Persons Series as a creative platform to make history fun and exciting, and to inspire our children to believe that they too can achieve "great" things despite their obstacles. Children learn about each person through interactive discussions, hands-on activities, multi-media, the creative arts, and field trips.

Meditation and Conflict Resolution
We believe it is crucial to teach our children a variety of ways to effectively deal with stress and manage their anger in a responsible manner.  One opportunity M.O.M.I.E’s offers is a daily meditation and centering session that incorporates deep breathing, concentration, and a guided meditation exercise as a tool to maintain balance and self-control.  M.O.M.I.E’s staff also implements child-friendly activities that teach our children conflict resolution skills and cooperation through creative role-play and the recitation of affirming slogans. 

Tutoring and Academic Development

M.O.M.I.E's children work closely with staff and volunteers every afternoon to develop and strengthen core academic competencies in literacy and math skills-building. M.O.M.I.E's partners with American University's Center for Community Engagement and Service and Howard University's DC Reads Program to engage University students as trained tutors to support each child. Staff work closely with parents, teachers, and volunteers to develop individualized plans and goals for each child. To learn more about the M.O.M.I.E's Tutoring Program, please contact Chitra at (202) 545 - 1919 or email

Leadership Development
Everyday children have the opportunity to be the "line leader" to help direct meditation, lead transitions, and help staff with snack. Children learn about different leadership styles and principles through the Great Persons Series, and also engage in child-friendly leadership-building activities which are incorporated throughout the year.

Creative Arts and Enrichment
M.O.M.I.E's uses the Great Persons Series as a way to connect children to other people, places, and experiences. Children attend creative field trips throughout the year. In addition, staff invite various artists, activists, and speakers that facilitate sessions and enhance our culture-based learning work.

M.O.M.I.E's recruits tutors, speakers, and artists throughout the year to support the After School Program. Please email to access a Volunteer Application.


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